Regatta Participant Information

  • This is a homemade boat race with the course only being approximately twice the length of a football field.
  • The 2016 theme will be “We Could be Heroes". Teams are encouraged to decorate to this theme, as it will be an eligibility requirement for many of the awards.
  • There will be tons of stuff to do on Friday night, including games, amazing food, dancing, and live entertainment!
  • Mandatory boat check-in will be on Friday, September 30, 2016, from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM at C. Scott Driver Park located at 10100 West Highway 78, Okeechobee, FL 34972. Dinner and entertainment will begin at 7:00 PM. (See below for number of tickets given per sponsorship level. Additional tickets may be purchased for only $12.00 each the day of the event and $10 each if purchased in advance. Family, friends, and general public are encouraged to attend! Boat awards will be presented at the Friday night dinner. Make sure your boat is there by 7:00 PM to qualify!
  • Races will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at C. Scott Driver Park starting at 9:00 AM sharp.
  • Food and drinks on Saturday will be served at a “Minimal” cost. This event is FUN & AFFORDABLE!
  • Entry Fees include ALL building materials, except paint and decorations. The cost is the same whether you supply your own materials or use ours. Materials may be picked up from Okeechobee W & W Lumber or Gilbert Outdoors.
  • No price reduction will be given for reused boats, as we encourage new and exciting boat ideas each year.
  • There will be ample covered area for spectators this year. Please bring a chair for seating.
  • Money raised will go towards sending a young person to Firefighter/EMT School, college scholarships, and other charitable activities of For Okeechobee, Inc.
  • If your boat is “built for speed” (similar to a kayak), you will be placed in the kayak class regardless of age or what you signed up for originally. Please keep this in mind if building a boat for a younger person as refunds will not be given.
  • Some of the ways to win are:
    • Fastest in Class
    • Best Theme/Paint job Overall
    • And many more!


Regatta Rules

  1. START BUILDING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! You do NOT build your boat the day of the race!!!
  2. Vessels will be constructed using ONLY the following materials: One sheet of 4’x8’ x 1/4" Luan Plywood, 24’ total of 2”x4” lumber, One pound of fasteners (no other adhesives, caulking, wire, etc. may be used), One 60 yard roll of duct tape, and Paint or stain of any kind may be used (not included in supplies package). Urethane is NOT permitted.
  3. NO OTHER MATERIALS MAY BE USED for the structural integrity, buoyancy, stability, or sealant of the vessel; however, other items (cardboard, rope, cloth, tape, wood, etc.) may be used in the decoration of the boat. If judges determine these items have contributed to the structural integrity, buoyancy, stability, or water seal of the boat and cannot be removed prior to race time, you will be disqualified. No refunds will be given.
  4. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices are required. One will be provided for you, if necessary.
  5. Paddles will be provided. Outside paddles are not permitted.
  6. If you appear intoxicated or unfit to participate, for safety reasons you will not be permitted to race. Refunds will NOT be given.
  7. You may enter multiple vessels, but multiple entry fees must be paid.
  8. The same person must captain your vessel in all races for a certain race class.
  9. We encourage sponsorship of organizations to build and race boats for you. (Boy Scouts, Real Life Children’s Ranch,, etc.)
  10. This event is for charity and will be handled on the “honor system” with basic boat inspections.

Rules are subject to change without notice. Check back often.

Last updated Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 2:13pm