Regatta Spectator Information

When the Adam Bryant Minimal Regatta was started in Okeechobee, FL in 2011, there were a couple major goals in mind.  First, we wanted to raise adequate funds to send a young person to firefighter/EMT school to continue Adam Bryant's dream of being a professional firefighter.  We also wanted to do it in a way Adam would be proud of.  Secondly, we wanted to provide an event for Florida's Heartland and Treasure Coast that any family of four could come to with only a $20 bill in their pocket and make memories that would last a lifetime.  So here are some of the best things about being a spectator at the Adam Bryant Minimal Regatta homemade boat race:

  • Admission is FREE!
  • Parking is FREE!
  • Great entertainment other than the races, such as face painting, coloring stations, kids fun zone, and much more are all FREE!
  • There are tasty food options for as little as $2.  

Don't let money be a reason for not coming out.  If you don't have the $2 for a hot dog, we will figure it our for you.  Come join us for the time of your life!  

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