2019 Adam Bryant Minimal Regatta is coming up soon and this year we have teamed up with the Fraternal Order of Police to celebrate at the Independence Day Celebration!

Here is the event's schedule:

1:00 PM - Regatta Boat & Captain check-in begin
3:00 PM - Fun & Games Open up for the Public
3:45 PM - Regatta Captain's Meeting
4:00 PM - Regatta Races Start!  Races should last until around 6:30 PM

6:30 PM - Award Presentation at the Ag Center
6:30 PM - Independence Day Celebration Festivities Begin!
9:00 - Fireworks display starts around this time.


The Minimal Regatta homemade boat race is back and better than ever! This event started in 2011 to remember our friend, Adam Bryant, and give families and friends an opportunity to come together and build their own memories. The 2019 ABMR will again be held in the fishing lake (aka Lake Regatta) at the Okeechobee Agri-Civic Center. 

As the event grew, these goals were still at the forefront but the costs made it somewhat difficult for everyone to participate. And the only barriers in this event should be your creativity, never the money! That being said, we arrrrr keeping our prices low at only $50 per boat! And, as always, your registration covers the cost of ALL your core boat-building materials!!!

We have one other registration option this year... BYOB - Buy Your Own Boat supplies! This is for those people that either have a boat left over from a previous year or would just like to pick up their own materials. Make sure you still restrict your build to the proper materials. 

In case you forgot, you must construct your boat from only one 4'x8' sheet of 1/4" luan plywood, 24' of 2"x4"s, one 50 yard roll of duct tape, one pound of screws, and paint. No caulking, urethane, or adhesives of any kind may be used. As you can imagine, this greatly limits what you can build. However, it is amazing just how many different designs arrrr possible!

Do what you love and have fun building it!

Feel free to call J.D. Mixon at 863-800-0196 with registration or event questions.