It's that time again! Are you ready for the 6th Annual Adam Bryant Minimal Regatta? 

This year's theme is "We could be heroes."  That phrase could be considered in a lot of different ideas, so get those creative juices flowing and show up with your masterpiece!

The Adam Bryant Minimal Regatta is a homemade boat race with a twist. You must construct your boat from only one 4'x8' sheet of 1/4" luan plywood, 24' of 2"x4"s, one 50 yard roll of duct tape, one pound of screws, and paint. No caulking, urethane, or adhesives of any kind may be used. As you can imagine, this greatly limits what you can build. However, it is amazing just how many different designs are possible!

This event is hosted by For Okeechobee, Inc., a local non-profit whose mission is "serving those in need in and around Okeechobee, FL."